Saturday, 12 October 2013

07/10/2013 El Alto (LaPaz) - Challapata by bus

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No link to photo's There was nothing much of interest today.

07/10/2013 El Alto/LaPaz - Challapata
We had been told that if you turned up at the bus station you wouldn't have to wait long for a bus to fill and leave , there are no time tables as such but it usually takes a half hour for the bus to fill and thats exactly what happened . We had decided to skip the exit from El Alto and also a lot of the flat predictable straight road altiplano . The first hour or more was very congested as we left the suburbs of El Alto/ La Paz which is huge , thereafter there were miles and miles of non to inspiring flat lands with lots of half finished properties . We were were glad to see that as previously thought this was definitely a section to skip . After three hours we arrived at Oruro and had to change bus for Challapata and again the wait was only a half hour. After Oruruo the scenery changed and despite being dead flat and straight there wasn't the built up ugliness as in the morning , nonetheless it was nice to cover some ground as we needed to catch up a few days if we want to be able to add a few different trips into the mix.

By the time we arrived at Challapata it was 5 pm and despite our plans it was too late to go further by bike so we found an nice hotel and stayed the night.

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