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23/10/2013 Stage 46 Mendoza - San Carlos

2013-10-23 dustdevil

23/10/2013 Stage 46 Mendoza - San Carlos by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

23/10/2013 Stage 46 Mendoza – San Carlos
The last thing we did last night was to change the Dollars that we had been carrying since Peru and exchange them on the legal? black market whereby £300 becomes £550 .Wow! That has to make anyone feel good.

As always leaving cities is never much fun. I'm not good with loads of traffic it makes me nervous. Today was worse then usual because we had about 25km on the hard shoulder of a busy dual carriage way. And we weren't even supposed to be there if you believe the sign although a policeman who stood on the hard shoulder took no notice of us. Luckily Malc found a quiet road witch took us past loads of Bodega's. It was fun to recognise some of the names you see on the wines in Sainsbury's. Wine is unbelievable cheap and tasty with Mendoza being THE wine region of Argentina. Almost as soon as we left the town we saw the snowcapped mountains of the Andes again. They stayed on our right all day and it was comforting to see them again after the digression to Iguazu. They might not have been quite as spectacular as some of the mountain tops we have seen but they still helped to make a nice ride. The immediate scenery in the morning could have made you believe you were in France. All the vineyards and tree clad roads. One thing that we didn't expect was the dust devils. Malc made me stand in one while he took the pictures. Mind we both had to wipe the sand of our teeth after that. We ended up in a friendly little hostal where I'm worrying about the days ahead. Not much in the way of food drink just lots of dirt road and possibly nasty spiders. Yippee!

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  1. How cruel of Malcolm forcing you to eat sand while he taking pictures