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14/10/2013 stage 43 Border - Humahuaca

The daily chore of washing bike shorts
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14/10/2013 stage 43 Border - Humahuaca by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details
First 85 km by bus then 85 km by bike
14/10/2013 stage 43 Border - Humahuaca

We were glad we followed Julien's advice and did the first 85 km by bus. It was a very flat road and uninspiring landscape. Starting in Abra Pampa we bought some more lip cream for our still sore lips after the Salar and were on our way. Soon the scenery changed for the better and it was amazing how relaxed we became. Cycling through beautiful scenery for hours on end is very soothing. We call our days off 'rest days' but actually our simple cycling days are more relaxing. We are now descending from the Alti plano and the ride would have been completely perfect if it hadn't been for a strong head wind which meant we were having to pedal down hill.That's not right. I had the lurgy this day and was struggling towards the end

and Marjet loyally took the lead and let me slipstream her for a change to help me in. It never ceases to amaze me how different the landscapes we have cycled through have been even though they are all part of the Andes. We ended up in a simple hostal in Humahuaca trying to get to grips with Argentinian prices getting it wrong completely and choosing an awful meal for £2 thinking it was £6.
We saw quite a few dead animals just left by the wayside in varying stages of decomposition

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