Saturday, 12 October 2013

11/10/13 Stage 42 Salar Uyuni camp to Uyuni Town

Bikes are anchoring the tent down
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11/10/13 Stage 42 Salar Uyuni camp to Uyuni

Another cold start to the day but rapidly warming up as the sun rose . After packing the tent we contiued heading East towards edge of the Salar which was 75 kms and then by road to Uyuni. The cycling was fairly easy and now that we were on one of the more commonly crossed parts of the Salar there was a track to follow. Lots of time spent taking silly photos until the battery ran out . The solar panel had been invaluable for charging the GPS and phones but we didn't have an adapter for it to charge the camera battery. Fortunately we had taken plenty of photo's and didn't feel we were missing anythingother than a professional photographer!
We were down to powdered milk and cereal by this stage and had a midday break to top up . The next opportunity to get food and drink would be Uyuni , but the progress was fairly rapid with a tailwind and flat surface and we arrived at 4 pm.
Uyuni looked dull when we were cycling in but it has a busy compact centre with a fair number of tourists and tour operators. We quickly found somewhere to eat but were disappointed to discover that yet again the internet connection was virtually non existent in the hotel .
To our horror we both look like we have had botox treatment to our lips. They are twice their normal size and quite painful. Despite lots of cream wearing hats and a buff (except during the photo shoot) the Salar has got to us.

Tomorrow will be a day off planning the next section which we understand to be very hard going with a lot of sandy sections and not that inspiring . We will probably bus to the Argentinian border but need to sort out where to leave from and when. We also have a lot of eating to do. Overall the last four days have been quite tough with only the most basics of food.


  1. have also a great time in argentina

  2. Hello
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