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04/10/2013 05/10/2013 sightseeing in and around Copacabana/Isla del Sol
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We leisurely explored the Basilica and market before climbing the mountain overlooking Copacabana with its beautiful religious statues and monuments. Getting used to a new currency all over again takes time and we had the initial impression that the market prices were inflated for Gringos as it was cheaper to eat in a restaurant than to buy the individual ingredients. Either way it remains incredibly cheap . Lunch was fresh trout seen coming off the fishing boats and into the restaurants before appearing on our plate shortly afterwards . You can't get fresher than that. The only fly in the ointment came when we had to pay the bill . The bill was 60 Bs and we paid with a note of 100 and the stall owner insisted for some time that the change was 30 and not 40 . She gave in eventually but we're certain that she wasn't trying to fiddle us but rather that she couldn't count .
Overnight there was a prolonged thunderstorm with torrential rainfall that made sleeping difficult but when a storm is that violent it's quite entertaining and you don't mind . When we got up for breakfast we discovered that the hotel had leaked like a sieve and the staff were busy mopping up everywhere . Perhaps the rain will compensate fractionally for the 10 cm/year fall in the water level of Lake Titicaca due to the slow disappearance of the Andean snow top..
The Island of the Sun is where the Inca lineage is supposed to have begun and our two hour boat there was beautiful surrounded as we were by the vast expanse of the lake bordered by the mountains . The boat dropped us off at the northern end of the island and we first headed to the Inca ruins and overlooking mountain at the most northern tip before trekking south for four hours to the southern boat pick up point where tourists ,Alpacas , donkeys and locals all mixed together either getting on or off their respective boats . The only red faced moment was when we were asked to move aside as a Bolivian women of seventyish skipped down the steep steps leading to the harbour whilst carrying her load and leading her donkey. I'll have whatever she's on .

Back on the bikes for a two day stage to La Paz tomorow
In case you hadn't noticed we love the snow capped mountain views!

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  1. Brilliant pictures , including all the snowy mountains , stunning !!