Thursday, 17 October 2013

15/10/2013 Stage 44 Humahuaca - San Salvadar de Jujuy


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15/10/2013 Stage 44 Huahuamaca – San Salvador the Jujuy

Today has been a wardrobe experience as in the Lion the witch and the wardrobe. Starting the day in one world and finishing in a completely different one. It was hard to comprehend that a day of cycling downhill can bring about such a change. No longer were we on the Alti Plano where there are no trees and no birds, and it's freezing as soon as the sun goes down and there is very little of anything. Suddenly we were in a major city, houses looked like they could be in Europe there was greenery and tons and tons of expensive shops and of course millions of people. We couldn't cope too well with the overwhelming amount of choice in anything. It suddenly made life quite complicated.
The other change today was in the weather. For the first time we woke up to the sound of rain so we delayed departure for a while. We did don our rain gear but we didn't need it for long. In fact Malc put on his trousers when we stopped for lunch under a tree but decided he didn't need them when we set off because the rain had already stopped. As we came over the summit the valley we were descending into what looked like very stormy weather but we never got wet again and the lightning finished quickly.
Today we crossed the Tropico Capricornio. It did make us realise we have come some considerable way since starting on the Equator.

We had decided to stretch the day out by making for Juyuy and in fact got there with time to spare which we then squandered by taking an hour and a half to find a cheap hotel . That night we checked out the exchange rate properly and realised we were getting 9.5 Argentinian pesos to the pound instead of 6 and all of a sudden everything became cheaper again. Phewww! 
Heading towards the storm

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