Tuesday, 1 October 2013

01/10/2013 Stage 36 Pucara - Puno

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01/10/2013 Stage 36 Pucara - Puno by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

01/10/2013 Stage 36 Pucara – Puno and rest day 02/10/2013
Traffic chaos in Juliaca
On paper today looked to be an easy day with only just over a 100 km and 450m ascent to cover. The wind was in our favour and we made good progress until we hit the town of Juliaca. The town obviously has great ambitions with the start of a 6 lane motorway leading into town. So far only one lane was open and it wasn't surfaced and it was utter chaos to get through. There were so many moto taxis, mini buses and cycle taxis it was total bedlam. As seems to be the way, you find that in a particular street only one kind of item gets sold. It could be motor bike street, metal gates street, mattress street or whatever. Very convenient for the shopper and I’m sure it keeps prices competitive. We had every intention of stopping for some nice food but we couldn't find food street so we had to settle for the obligatory tin of tuna in the next small town. We got our first few of Puno and lake Titicaca after a short climb of 230m and arrived at about two in the afternoon.
First view of Puno

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