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30/09/2013 Stage 35 Sicuani - Pocara

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30/09/2013 Stage 35 Sicuani - Pucara by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

30/09/2013 Stage 35 Sicuani - Pucara
Cereal and coffee by the roadside

The 40 kilometre climb was much tougher then we had anticipated. The road surface was good and the incline not bad so I blame the altitude. We topped out at 4350m wher we were greeted by a coach-load of tourists who were more interested in taking photo's of us and cheering than taking photo's of the surrounding scenery. At the top this time I wasn't ill but just felt a bit weak and breathless. Gone are the really tall snowcapped mountains. Once we started going down the landscape stayed much the same for the rest of the day and we remained over 3850 m. The road was quite straight so you see the same view for a long time. Even at this altitude there are lots of cows. And of course dogs! Luckily today they were too sleepy or too nice to chase us. I even got into giving them a bit of my lunch. Fried eggs and tomatoes again. Our little stove is amazing. At this altitude it takes no time at all to boil water for a cup of coffee. So far we haven't had to resort to using petrol as the fuel because we have managed to buy the gas cartridges. In the evening we bumped into Thomas and Paul, two cyclists we had previously met in Cusco. We had a meal together which cost us about £1.25 each. Sadly there wasn't enough to feed a sparrow never mind a hungry cyclist. We had been on the road for over 9 hours to cover the 140 km We will make up for the lack of food when we have a rest day. 
In many districts of Peru we find these 'blue toilets' We think they must be part of the governments sanitation programme.

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