Monday, 12 August 2013

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10/08/13   Sightseeing in Quito .

We had decided to walk to the old colonial part of Quito which we have been repeatedly told is too dangerous to visit at night but was supposed to be OK during the day as there was a strong police presence . There were certainly a lot of police  in the prime spots and it  felt safe  there , but in the  side  streets it was occasionally clear to see that there were lookouts who would  radio messages alerting those  indoors when the police  cars were in the area which then resulted in their heavy metal doors being slammed shut, a bit worrying  . When we asked  for  directions people were very helpful but told  us to take a bus as it was too unsafe otherwise .This was when I hung a note  around Marjets neck " I've  got  AIDS " . We never  were hassled after that .
 The old colonial area was truly impressive especially the Basilica were they let you climb on some pretty sketchy ladders to the bell tower at top which is  probably 300 feet above ground , something  that would  never be  allowed in the UK .
Exploring big cities inevitably means walking endlessly and by the time  we got  back we were exhausted and had another early night , tomorrow will mark the beginning  of the cycling .

                                                           view from apartment

                                                              spire with ladder climb
                                                                the Basilica

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  1. Oh my word!! How come it was Marjet that got to wear the sign?! ;-) Haha!! The place looks impressive, I love all the old buildings.
    Good luck with the start of the cycling. Will look forward to updates....Enjoy and be careful!