Friday, 23 August 2013

21/08/13 Day of enjoying Loja
When we arrived in Loja yesterday, the main road was closed to all traffic except pedestrians and us. We soon realised there was something major going on. The streets where completely blocked and there was a big festival atmosphere. Food stalls everywhere. Street performers, More candy floss than you could possibly imagine. It was the festival of ' La Reigna del Cisne and thousands of Ecuadorians had flogged to the town of Loja to celebrate. It was a pilgrimage of 74 ks over three days from El Cisne to Loja which culminated in front of the church with an open air mass. We really become aware that we are in a continent where old and young are still deeply steeped in religion. I loved the choir, I have always been a sucker for harmony singing and this took me right back to my childhood . 

Today we just sauntered around the streets, visited the centro commercial which was a fascinating collection of hundreds of little shops and businesses. One corner for about 20 hairdressers, shop after shop selling shoes ( all the same ones) a grocery area and a meat area and of course lots of places to eat. It would be rude not to! I Love rest days! 

For Ant and Dave

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