Saturday, 10 August 2013

Arrival in Quito

Quito airport and successfully reunited with the bikes and bags .
Little  did  we  know however that this  was  a brand new  airport and not the one described in the South American handbook .  The  difference  being that the old  airport was quite close  to Quito and  this one  is a long drive away which caused  some  confusion when discussing taxi fares.
We thought the 40 dollar  fare was  extortionate but  after watching  the man stuff the bike boxes , bags  and  us into a fairly small taxi and  then drive us for 1.5 hrs it seemed quite reasonable . Mustn't grumble  though as  when we  checked  the  bikes  in at  Bristol they forgot to charge  us the £100 per  bike  charge and we forgot  to remind  them .
Now at just under 3000 m and  tomorrow has to be an  acclimatizing  rest day with  bike  assembly  and  a bit of  sight seeing.


  1. lucky you ariving on a new airport.

  2. Hope you manage to pack those card board bike boxes very small so you can take them all the way to Ushuaia.!-)

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  4. Good to be reunited with all your stuff . Enjoy acclimatizing tomorrow

  5. Always a relief when you arrive at the same place as your belongings!!! Have a great time and I am looking forward to following you