Wednesday, 28 August 2013

27/08/13 Rest day in Lambayeque

It hadn't been the intention but after another night of WC activity I needed to recuperate and so we decided to take the day off to explore the town .
We were recommended to visit the market and boarded one of the many hundreds of mototaxis They had been a menace to us whilst on the bikes so it was good to be inside one for a change. For the princely sum of 25p we were driven through the streets frequently on the wrong side of the road narrowly avoiding head on collisions with people, lorries , animals and pedestrians .
The markets are always fascinating with people trying to sell a hat-full of corn or rows of fish and meat open to the elements without refrigeration but with flies etc, and of course loads of stalls from which to choose what you wanted to eat . I needed to be very sensible in choice of food . In for a penny in for a pound , so it had to be Cheviche, raw fish marinated in lime juice and chillies. Lovely and no aftermath .
We subsequently spent a couple of hours looking around the local museum. It was all enclosed and allowed you to descend through the various strati and view the treasures and human remains very much like the Pharaohs were buried in the pyramids,. It was much more fascinating than anticipated. Incredible to think this in many ways very advanced culture disappeared again. Where will Europe be in 2000 years. Never mind North America!

Back on the bikes tomorrow and should reach the coast.


  1. Hopefully the scenery direction the coast will be awsome and the sea breeze will cure malcolm (use a nappy) you found lots near the road?

  2. The fruit and vegetables look very good; so that can't be the problem.
    So don't drink water anymore, just distilled drinks.
    Have fun tomorrow riding the bike along the coast.