Sunday, 18 August 2013

18/08/13 Rest day in Cuenca

18/08/13 A day of rest.
 We have been on the road for a week so it is time to take a day to rest and reflect. In all honesty the cycling has been harder than we expected it to be. It was easy to pontificate whilst sat on the sofa at home as to how tough it was going to be but the reality of grinding up hills, no let me correct that "mountains" at a rate of 250 meters per hour for four or five hours is definitely gruelling. So, we might well have to revise our plans accordingly because we want to explore and relax as well as sleep and cycle. Quite how we are going to address this we are not sure yet.

 On the plus side, the scenery is often breathtaking and my pictures do not do this justice at all. Ecuador is surprisingly green and the landscape surprisingly is changing almost daily.
Last night we stumbled on an "all you can eat buffet" For two hungry cyclists this was an ideal opportunity to stock upon some calories.


  1. I hear they do good coach tours around that area !

  2. Loving the décor almost as much as the scenery!! Enjoy the rest. I'm most impressed by the elevation chart on Garmin! Do they have STRAVA segments to challenge you some more?!

  3. This is what a trip like this makes it like a holyday