Thursday, 22 August 2013

20/08/13 Stage 9 Ona - Loja

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                                                                                  Unfortunately this is also one of the realities of cycling in Ecuador. I have never seen so many disposable nappies on the side of the road. What happens? Do babies nappies get changed whilst travelling along and then get dumped out the window? I suppose it means that disposable nappies take forever to decompose Is there not a better solution and I don't mean terry nappies. Been there done that and I would not want to inflict that on anybody It would seem to me that many many households do their washing by hand in tubs by their homes or in rivers nearby. There is always lots of washing flapping on the line.

The subject of dogs! Please don't tell Diesel but it is very hard to love dogs in Ecuador. Every homestead has at least 2 and I'm sure they are there for protection but they scare you to bits. Sometimes they are tied on a rope. Sometimes they are behind a fence but you never know where the hole in the fence might be and they come charging at you at a million miles an hour whilst you are doing 2 ( if you are lucky!) I'm so glad we had our rabies vaccinations ( thanks Helen) Apart from being chased by dogs there is also the issue of dogs barking at night. So far there has been one night that hasn't been disturbed by barking dogs. Or did I have enough of the sugar cane rum not to notice??  To be fair I haven't seen any wild dogs. They all seem to belong somewhere.

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