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Lambayeque Pacasmayo

28/08/13 Stage 15 Lambayeque - Pacasmayo

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Untitled by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details Second bit

The different faces of Pacasmayo !

Getting out of Lambayeque was straightforward and I had presumed it was just one straight road all the way to destination and so hadn't done the route on my phone .. Idiot . Chiclayo is massive and it was only when we were in the middle of another traffic mayhem and lost that I decided to use the map on the phone . Nonetheless once switched on it guided us out of town and on our way .
The sea breeze develops fairly predictably through the day and steadily strengthens , inevitably being a headwind , so you have to make progress as soon as you can . The cycling was essentially flat and through desert territory again . Unfortunately in the latter half of the ride there weren't pit stops to be found and by the time we reached Pacasmayo we were once again feeling a bit cold sweaty/light headed from having no fuel in the tank . When will we learn ?
Unbeknown to us Pacasmayo is a windsurfing paradise with strong predictable port tack winds and a perfect wave breaking around the lighthouse . We only saw the tail end of it but we had coincided with the South American windsurfing championships . Great to watch but definitely a moment to be jealous .
As is often the case we were fearful there would only be one or two hotels if we were lucky and in reality there were dozens ,ours was lovely but perhaps we should have tried one of the beach front alternatives . Probably too pricey .

Unfortunately our Spanish is good when speaking to people who try to listen and speak slowly but when with the locals who take no prisoners we still struggle, but I  fear to think what it would be like without being able to speak any Spanish at all.
No picture of the journey because we  forgot to put the  card back in camera and didn't realise. Some pictures of Pacasmayo though. Quite a contrast .

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  1. Well fancy forgetting to pack the windsurfing stuff I am sure you could have fit it to the bikes , maybe as a sail to help you up the hills !!
    Still very jealous xx :)