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24/08/13 Stage 12 Macara - Chulucanas

24/08/13 Stage 12 Macara - Chulucanas by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

24/08/13 Stage 12 Macara – Chulucanas
Today we crossed the border into Peru without much hassle. The border guard response was Man United on realising Malc was British and Amsterdam is beautiful nice coffee shops! There are very few cars on the road now (mostly very old models you no longer see in the UK) but hundreds of moto taxi's. These three wheeled contraptions buzz about everywhere. We received endless 'hey gringo' shouts they felt more of a welcome than abusive. The Peruvian people seem a lot less reserved than the Ecuadorian folk and are very keen to chat. We are so grateful we speak some Spanish because very few folk out here speak English. There seems to be a bit more variety in the food. Had pickled raw fish with onions and lime juice for lunch. Delicious after all the greasy fare we have been eating. Vegetarian cyclist would have a very hard job finding enough calories in the food that is readily available here and it would be very monotonous. The road was more or less level today and it was odd to be cycling at about  18 km per hour. It was just as well we were moving a bit faster because temperatures reached 40 degrees and it would have been murderous to climb slowly in this heat.
  The headwind increased in the afternoon but luckily Malc did all the work up front and I could slip stream behind him. 

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  1. Good to have more variaty in food but you still need the calories anyway for the cycling. Thanks for sharing this blog