Thursday, 15 August 2013

14/08/13 Stage 4 Riobamba - Guamote

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The best pork ever. Only half a head showing 

Life on the street


14/0/13 . Stage 4 .Riobamba – Guamote
Today has been absolutely lovely. A short and non taxing ride so lots of time to relax Saw our first llama's, saw Guinea pigs on a spit that was turned by a young boy. More and more people in traditional clothes, some amazing hedgerow flowers and cacti. Children and woman doing heavy manual labour on road works. Woman carrying enormous loads on their backs while the men walk beside them carrying nothing [senior editors note. I must apologise for my junior editors naivety as the men were clearly performing a supervisory/consultancy role without which all chaos would have been unleashed]. Woman leading one or two pigs on leads or sat by the roadside surrounded by toddlers trying to sell strawberries or oranges. An absolutely amazing lunch in Cajabamba consisting of spit roasted pork and all sorts of delicious things from a road side stall. We arrived in Guamote at lunchtime and booked into a beautiful place. It is partly a hostel and the funds from the hostel support education in the community. We have had to resort to drinking Ron Trovador ( diluted rum at the price of one dollar a bottle ) since wine is completely unavailable.

By the way have I mentioned that the down hills are fantastic. Miles and miles of zooming down and only breaking lightly. 


  1. Tonight I shall have nightmares about spit-roasted guinea pigs! Maybe it wasn't chicken you had the other day....!
    Here's to rum!

  2. How are you doing; are your legs getting better or still a hard time cycling.
    The food looks good