Sunday, 3 November 2013

01/11/2013 Stage 54 Under road bridge camp - Alumine

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01/10/2013 Under Road Bridge camp – Alumine
Well. Any hope of the wind having changed direction over night quickly disappeared. We set off with a ferocious head wind which stayed with us or should I say against us for the next 50 km and 1100m climb. Progress was agonisingly slow but the scenery became breathtakingly beautiful once more as we slowly climbed up to and beyond the snowline. After the last few days of monotonous desert we now had lots of variety again including miles and miles of ancient Monkey Puzzle tree forests. We cycled to within spitting distance of the Chilean border before crossing the river and turning on to an unpaved road which kept us in Argentina. This stretch has to be among the most beautiful tracks we have cycled so far. The downside was that it was slow going once again and we were way behind schedule so we were really pleased to find a little shop after 60 km or so which sold essentials. It was the only place of any description we passed all day. We were now ready to tackle the rest of the 50 km knowing we could stop, if time ran out, and camp whenever we wanted to. Not knowing which way or how strong the wind might blow makes planning really difficult. The views of the lake and then the river in the afternoon sun were fantastic and the track mainly downhill with even a bit of a tail wind so we pushed on to the town to find a bed finally getting in at 7 pm after 11 hrs on the move. Another superb day.

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