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05/11/2013 Stage 58 Villa La Angostura to San Carlos de Bariloche

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05/11/2013 Stage 58 Villa la Angostura -San Carlos de Bariloche
Today was the final day of two weeks of solid riding. We covered a total of  1.348 km  66% of it was paved and we climbed a total of 12.770 meters. It has been quite a tough section but nearly all incredibly beautiful. Some of it very hard because of the poor road surface or strong head winds. Overall though a section well worth cycling. Today was peachy. No wind to speak of, only 800 meters to climb and all on road and few miles to cover. You could have thought we were on holiday or something! We coincided with a french couple, two lovely american girls and our canadian cyclist at a road junction (as you do) and had a cup of coffee together. Me showing off the incredibly quick boil time of the Primus ETA saucepan with the super duper burner. I love it! It is always good to hear everybody else stories which can be quite humbling. We are very lucky to be able to afford good kit, good food, hostals when they are available and all the rest of it and we are moaning sometimes how hard it is. The two american girls had totally unsuitable bikes with incredibly skinny tyres which must make ripio cycling almost unbearable, no money no nothing but were as happy as anything.
 We rolled into Bariloche early and found a very decent hostal who let us have a room to ourselves for the price of a bed in a dormitory. Bariloche is full of outdoor shops (it is a major ski resort in winter) and we do have to get some extra kit to prepare ourselves for a 5 day trek so it is Mecca for a kit-junkie like me. Combine that with lots of good food and it might be hard to get me away from here!
It is still a little early for Lupins to be out. The road sides are absolutely covered in them.

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