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11/11/2013 Stage 62 Pargua- Quemchi (Chiloe)

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11/11/2013 Stage 62 Pargua- Quemchi (Chiloe)
We left Pargua on the ferry which runs continuously between the mainland and the Island of Chiloe. Spanish settlers were isolated here in the 16th century with only one ship coming in a year. Quite a nice way to start the day on the ferry! I don't quite know what possessed us to decide to take the ripio route along the coast instead of the asphalt main road. It was quite incredible that a road with barely any height gain was so difficult to cycle. I repeatedly had to walk because the gradient was so steep and I kept skidding. We did come across some of the famous wood clad churches though for which Chiloe has been listed as a world heritage site. Overall the riding wasn't too bad to be fair and we rode into Quemchi with the idea of buying some provisions and moving on. However when we first arrived an elderly gentleman rushed out of his house and suggested we should eat at the fabulous restaurant on the sea front. We cycled about for a bit but with it being siesta time nothing much was happening. It was a charming seaside little town though and we did end up in the suggested restaurant where we found of course the same guy who was in fact the proud owner of the restaurant. We did have an excellent meal of locally caught fish and we are sure we saw dolphins in the water. All thoughts of continuing on rapidly disappeared. It was just too nice a place to pass by. Everything just felt right about it so we booked into a cheap hostal with superb sea views and enjoyed ourselves. We knew there would probably be a price to pay tomorrow as Chiloe is very short on dry days and we were passing up a perfectly sunny afternoon. So be it. We will deal with it tomorrow. 

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