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13/11/2013 Stage 64 Chonche - Quellon

13/11/2013 Stage 64 Chonche - Quellon by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details
13/11/2013 Stage 64 Chonche – Quellon

mud and more mud
The days in Chiloe have been very relaxed really. Because we will be leaving by ferry we are 'forced' to take it easy because the earliest boat is Thursday morning and there are only so many miles to cycle (short of going round in circles) We had a three course meal last night including beer and wine for less than £ 5 each so not too bad considering we had sea side views as well. Since we only had less then 80 km to cycle we had a very late start this morning. Sadly it was quite grey and overcast but we knew that was to be expected here on the western side of the Andes. We had a tailwind and made good progress until we hit major road works and heavy rain. The road works meant long stretches of slippery grey sludge and combined with the rain we got absolutely filthy. We sought shelter in another bus stop and ate brunch. Just as we were about to leave a young Canadian fellow joined us. He started his journey in Puerte Montt and had only experienced grey and wet and had managed to hitch a ride yesterday when he said that he had seen us. We expect to see him on the ferry tomorrow. When you are constantly moving on it is rare to see faces twice and it makes me realise that I'm not cut out for life on the bike for years on end. Some of the people we meet have been on the road for years or have no plans to stop cycling. I love it but I do miss the continuity of relationships with family and friends.

We finished early again in a great seaside hostel and took great delight in watching the deluge outside from the warmth of the hotel room. Now that we are moving further south it is becoming increasingly colder and we are cycling in leggings and long sleeved tops as well as waterproof gear at times. I do hope we need sunglasses and suntan lotion again before the end of the trip but it looks unlikely. We have been lucky though. More then three months of cycling in the sun in tee shirts is not bad! Tomorrow we set off on a 28 hour boat ride. The forecast is reasonable so it should be beautiful. 

No blue skies today.

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