Tuesday, 19 November 2013

14/11/2013 Quellon -Mid Sea


14/11/2013 Quellon - Mid Sea
Fortunately the weather improved for the ferry ride and we spent hours at the back of the boat enjoying the views of islands on both sides and basking in the sun which we thought we had lost (I still can't get my head round the fact that I'm facing north to face the sun)We haven't been to the Norwegian Fjords but are told that this is very similar but more extensive
There were only seats on board and no cabins but there were very few passengers and after the first stop there were 3 lorries and a car left and we had our sleeping bags and air mattresses with us and had a comfortable nights sleep on a very spacious ship. We wondered how they could cover the cost.

The night before we met Johann the French man again who worked in Canada as a sled dog driver or kayak guide according to the season and on the boat we spent some more time chatting with him causing some of the onlookers to think we were a cycling family trio!  

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