Tuesday, 12 November 2013

10/11/2013 Stage 61 Ensenada - Pargua

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10/11/2013 Stage 61 Ensenada - Pargua
The cabin (our home for the night)

A slightly boring day at the cycling office. I suppose you have to have them every now and again. After the most wonderful day yesterday, today's 120 odd km linked us to the next exciting bit, Chiloe Island. We followed the lake for ages but it was a fairly overcast day and didn't do it justice. The whole day we cycled on paved road. It wasn't too steep or excessively windy so we just clocked up the miles on the hard shoulder of a fairly busy road until we got to Pargue where we ran out of land. In Puerto Varas we met Isabel and Hervi on a tandem. Sadly I have lost their contact details. Loose bits of paper are useless. Now you have got them and then they are gone. We had first heard about Isabel and Hervi in Cusco so the world really is a handkerchief (the spanish way ofsaying it's a small world) Tomorrow we will make the crossing by boat but a hostal for us tonight. After the wonderful evening with Julien, Marlene and Alejandro we thought we were doing ok with our Spanish but we struggle to understand the majority of Chileno's which is very disappointing. We need a sympathetic Chileno to talk to who is prepared to slow his speech down a bit to get the hang of it again. 

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