Tuesday, 12 November 2013

08/11/2013 Stage 59 San Carlos de Bariloche - kitchen floor

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08/11/2013 Stage 59 San Carlos de Bariloche - kitchen floor
Arryanna trees ( the only ones remaining after the Hiroshima
bomb) and filmed in the Bambi movie 
Today was always meant to be a short day but we hadn't anticipated it being this short! We just wanted to move from Bariloche to Llau-Llau from where the ferry would leave early the next morning. It was a grey and drizzly day and a shock to the system that it was suddenly cold. We have been so very very lucky with the weather so far. We have barely seen rain and always cycled in shorts and tee shirts. From all accounts Chile is very much wetter. The Andes are the dividing range and geography lessons about it being dryer on the lee side are demonstrated very well in these parts.
We never made it to Llau Llau that day because after only 12 km or so we were spotted by Julien and Marlene the French couple we met in Cusco. It was an amazing and wonderful coincidence to bump into them like that. They immediately offered us a place to stay in their house and showed us all the sights near Bariloche in the car. Julien has been coming to Argentina for the last 8 years or so for about 5 months at a time and is very familiar with everything so it was wonderful to have him guide us. The evening was spent in true Argentinian style eating about 10 courses of meat washed down with bottles and bottles of wine in a restaurant of one of Juliens friends. We had a wonderful time and Alejandro (Juliens Argentinian friend) spoke very clearly and slowly and rephrased things endlessly so that we could understand him well. It became a late night and Alejandro offered to take us to the port the next morning so we wouldn't have to get up so early. So much kindness shown to us we were sad to leave.

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