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03/11/2013 Stage 56 Junin de los Andes - Lake Faulkner campsite

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03/11/2013 Stage 56 Junin de los Andes  - Lake Faulkner campsite
Todays ride and the next two would be relatively easy with shorter distances and reasonable height gains and so we could afford to start late at 9.00am. I was still hoping for a knock at the door to say that the wallet had been found but it never came. The first 40 kms were relatively flat and easy and the roads at this stage were relatively quiet which was just as well as a Spanish motor cylist slowed down and drove along with us whilst chatting about his journey and asking about ours. Eventually he said farewell and left only to come back and take some photos of us. It turned out that he also met  Ciclo the Spanish cyclist we had met approaching the Salar de Uyuni. It can be a small world on the road sometimes.
We had lunch at an open air restaurant in San Martin where we grumbled about the prices but then agreed that it was still cheaper than Barnstaple and after all it was an up market ski resort. Mustn't grumble.
This is where the famous seven lakes trip begins and from the outset it was a beautiful mix of lakes, pine forests with a backdrop of snow topped mountains. There followed a 500 m climb and a lot of undulating before we descended to Lake Falkner where we found a gorgeous campsite where you were encouraged to have a log fire and camp on the waters edge. Had an interesting chat in the evening with two Argentinian cyclists. Our Spanish still sounds pretty awful but they seemed to understand ( well they nodded their heads a lot ) 

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