Tuesday, 3 September 2013

01/08/13 Stage 18 Camp Chavimochic- Yuracmarca

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Chavimochic to Yuracmarca
We'd both slept really well and packed everything away before having breakfast , nine eggs between us ! Mainly because we couldn't face packing the eggs for transporting again .
Not one egg was broken thanks to Malc's careful wrapping 
The route continued on unpaved road for the next 30 kms with a rare sighting of any other vehicle . We then briefly joined the paved road for a short section before turning back onto more ripio but now heading into the Canon del Plato . We were now expecting 50 kms of ripio before finishing the day . The ripio however was much worse than in the morning and speed was limited by the rough washboard surface . The gorge we were now in however was so beautiful that any suffering or lack of progress was easily overcome . There were several tunnels to negotiate and we had to don head torches and pray nothing was coming the other way . There were a few lorries about and they tended to blast their horns and just go for it .
Progress was slow and Marjet had wanted to stop and put the tent up but on the other hand we were very dry and without much in the way of fluid or food so she was persuaded to push on beyond what was bearable . Fortunately we did eventually find a small village with provisions and it even had a Hospedaje which was as basic it could possibly be , corrugated roof and single tap over a drain on the floor , but a bed included .

Had we not found the village I think Marjet was probably on the point on the point of mutinying if not finishing me off for the insurance .

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  1. May be tempting (to bump Malcolm off )Marjet but remember who is navigating !! Sound extremely exhausting , but amazing keep up the good work x x