Tuesday, 3 September 2013

02/09/13 Stage 19 Yaracmarca - Caraz

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02/09/13 Stage 19 Yuracmarca - Caraz

Today I was very grateful Malcolm had pushed me to carry on last night because it made for a very manageable ride today. To be fair it was mostly in my head. I thought we were going to stop after 1000 meters of ascent. Instead we climbed nearly 1500 meters so the last 500 were tough. There was very little breeze today and since we are still quite low the temperatures soared. Again the views were spectacular with occasionally white snow capped mountains. Diving into 43 tunnels helped to keep the sun off our backs. I still haven't got used to the fact that the sun is in the North at midday. It doesn't help my already poor sense of direction. Luckily Malc is firmly in charge of the navigating. We met two very friendly French cyclists. They had started in Ushuaia eight and a half months ago. One of them was carrying a complete spare wheel. I think we probably travel with less than the minimum amount of spares and can only hope that we don't come unstuck.
Malc trying to cool down with the help of a little water 
The route remained on ripio for the first half of the ride but it was so good to be back on a paved surface for the latter half . The walls of the gorge became steeper and closer ( 5 meters)and the tunnels more frequent until we popped out the other end coincident with the road surface changing . As we'd done more yesterday it left us with less to do today and there was almost a feeling of guilt as we arrived early in Caraz. No there wasn't I thought it was brilliant (Marjet)

View from hotel room Of course Alpamayo at nearly
6000 meters is covered in cloud


  1. I`m impressed stil going strong

  2. Don't feel guilty! Arriving early means more time for wine!