Sunday, 29 September 2013

29/09/13 Stage 34 Cusco to Sicuani

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29/09/13 Stage 34 Cusco to Sicuani by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details
29/09/2013 Stage 34 Cusco – Sicuani
After the days off in Cusco we were both looking forward to getting on the bikes again. I think we like the simplicity of it. You just get on and go, no hassle nothing. There was only one worry. Our legs felt as if we had just run a marathon. The thousands of steps up and down Machu Pichu Mountain really played havoc with them. Walking downhill was a torturous affair and going down stairs could really only be contemplated backwards. If you had seen us hobbling to the bathroom in the night you would have thought we were in our eighties. However! We managed to cycle 140 km today with an ascent of just over 1000 meters and we hardly broke into a sweat. It must be different muscles but my legs did just fine. It was a lovely ride on good surface and for most of the way a big hard shoulder and not too much traffic. It makes an amazing difference in the distances you can cover now that we have left the 2000m plus straight climbs behind. The road is now undulating as we head for the altiplano ( the high plateau). Over the next three weeks or more we will be staying over 3500meters and our worry will not be with big ascents but about road surface and wind strength and direction. Today it was all good! The scenery was still nice if not as breath taking as it has been before and there is some satisfaction in covering the miles for a change!

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