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08/09/2013 Stage 23 Tingo Chico- Huanuco

08/09/2013 Stage 23 Tingo Chico- Huanuco by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

08/09/2013 Stage 23 Tingo Chico- Huanuco
We didn't dare to stop on the steep drops1
After a not very peaceful night sleep with lots of noise and fear of creepy crawlies we got off to an early start getting up at 6.30. I was very grateful I had my sleeping bag liner which I could pull completely over my head to fend of insects. We decided that on balance it would be better to sleep in a tent that is pitched at an angle rather than such a noisy filthy hostal. But I expect we will see some more because some times it is very difficult to find a spot to pitch a tent. Even a free standing one like ours.
It was another beautiful ride peaking eventually with a very distinctive rock formation , the "Inca Crown"
.Just past the very to the locals were playing a very serious game of football with a large crowd . The pitch couldn't be rectangular , was on a slope and had ramshackle posts made from branches and I wondered how many balls disappeared down the hill .
 Very different and a more benign landscape followed. Even though the road wasn't! Time and again there were sheer drops and it would be certain death if you fell. What with oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road and sometimes very sudden bad road surface it was quite hair raising.  At one particular stretch there was a warning sign which we hadn't seen before " Zona Abismo " , the road at this point was just wide enough for a car and the edge ended abruptly and bits had crumbled into the abyss hundreds of  feet below . You know your not going to fall off but fear makes you hug the wall and then you're on the wrong side of the road .
As is often the case you're either going up or down and the descent continued for 60 kms to Huanuco where once again the road broadened and had a welcome hard shoulder .

As we descended down to 2000 meters the mountainsides became much
greener again. 

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