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21/09/2013 Stage 29 Andahuaylas - Bushcamp

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21/09/2013 Stage 29 Andahuaylas - Bushcamp by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

21/09/2013 Stage 29 Andahuaylas -Bush camp in Eucalyptus Forest

I can not begin to explain how absolutely amazing it is to cycle day after day through such stunning countryside. It just makes you feel so good. That is not to say that we are in heaven all the time. There is plenty to moan about as well but you kind of forget about that when the scenery is so breathtaking. We thought we might be able to buy some food on the way up from 2700 to 4200 but unusually there was nowhere to eat so we were lucky to find some eggs and fry our own further up the mountain. It was a relatively easy climb and we stopped for lots of pictures going along the top. The three hundred meter climb in the afternoon however proved to be a lot tougher as the road surface changed to poor ripio. Without a single shop for 75 kms we were out of fluid before getting into camp and had to fill up from a fast flowing and hopefully clean stream, if boiled it should be OK.
At about 3800m the road took on an odd appearance with lots of brown mud filled potholes and further on we met some boys asking for a propita or small tip . This was repeated later on by several groups of young children who would pull a string across the road to slow you down and then ask for a propita. It then dawned on us that they were filling in the potholes and asking for a donation . Fair enough . Very entrepreneurial.

Luckily we found a lovely camp in amongst some Eucalyptus trees and managed to put the tent up just before it started to rain. 

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