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22/09/2013Stage 30 Bushcamp -Abancay

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22/09/2013Stage 30 Bushcamp -Abancay by malcandmarjetpatterson at Garmin Connect - Details

22/09/2013 Stage 30 Eucalyptus bushcamp to Abancay

Marjets air mattress suddenly deflated at 2 am but fortunately it never got too cold and we both slept well [oops Marjet says she didn't sleep well at all, I did offer to share honest ]. Hopefully the included repair kit will be sufficient to get it bac in action again .
We continued the descent to Abancay (Which we saw in the distance just after lunch yesterday) on the same rough track which slowly deteriorated making progress slow and three hours later we finally reached the valley floor. We had started the day with jumpers coats and gloves but crossing the bridge at the valley floor the heat was stifling. Yesterday setting off from 2800m we managed 550m before stopping for a break easily but I begin to struggle when it gets really hot (see temperature graph on the garmin track)and was looking for a coke break every 200m up.
This was only a tiny part of the 1800 meter descent
Am I addicted to coke now ? It certainly feels like it.
During the descent we saw several posters offering 1000 (£250-)sol for the return of a Polish cyclists bike,bags and passport. He had apparently been camping in the same forest as us 2 days previously and was robbed overnight whilst he slept. We're pretty careful and use two locks and put all the bags in the tent but nonetheless it was a good reminder to be ever vigilant. We also felt pretty bad for him.

Abancay is a fairly standard town surrounded by mountains but I much prefer the views from on high and look forward to being back at 4000m once again tomorrow. Marjet seems to                                                                                            be able to cope with the altitude now which
                                                                                       makes life a lot more relaxed when high.
Yet more roadworks ,cycling on hot tar, nice.
Grateful for every paved inch though!

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