Monday, 2 September 2013

31/08/2013 Stage 17 Huanchaco -Camp Chavimochic

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31/08/13 Huanchaco – Chavimochic ( bush camping)
Although the day didn’t start too well it did improve tremendously. It was very grey and overcast when we left and Malcolm had his firs puncture within 500 meters of the hotel. He had two more later on in the day! Not sure why because we had a lovely smooth and wide hard shoulder to cycle on. The amount of traffic got less and less and after some early lunch things really improved. The sun started to break through and we could see the mountains again. We stopped for a late lunch in Chao and had to wait a while to be served . By mistake we ended up with far too much ceviche and ended up bagging up the remains for supper. Then we discovered the second puncture of the day quickly followed by the third . It was easy riding and after 95 km we turned off the Pan American to head for the hills on an unpaved road. 

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 There was barely any traffic because it is a private road that was build for the Chavimochic project( the water project to bring water to the coastal desert for crop growing) In the late afternoon sunshine the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and we had it all to ourselves. It was so nice to be away from the blaring horns and business of the coast and a relief to be nearer the mountains again.

With the punctures and delays with food we arrived at destination just as it was getting dark which if you don't want to be seen is just qbout right .We pitched our tent and found it to be very spacious and with the two porches we each had a clear few of the sky. The stars were so beautiful because there was of course no light pollution. A very nice end to the day with a beer or two in hand to make it perfect. 


  1. Look at that lonely road! My idea of heaven! Such amazing photos!

    1. Are you still in Germany ? Progressing hopefully.If your interested in something similar but closer to home then whet your appetite by looking at the Eurovelo routes , we had originally intended to do the North Sea route before becoming a bit over ambitious.