Tuesday, 10 September 2013

09/09/2013 - 11/09/2013 and more days off in Huanuco
Well. Here we are more  rest days. None of it planned but there is a strike going on and the roads are blocked. Stones and demonstrations and burning tyres and broken bottles in the road. We could maybe get through but have decided to go with the flow and just relax. It actually feels really good. After a month on the road we realise there is more than cycling and we don't have to cycle every inch of the way in order to get a taste of South America. In fact we have realised that four and a half months is not nearly long enough and that we want to be able to spend some of our time trekking and exploring as well as cycling. It feels strangely good to just hang out. This break has been forced upon us but we hope to have more! We were very lucky that we got stranded in a place with a clean hotel and lots of good restaurants and a (relatively) big supermarket with lots of goodies. Sometimes when on the road the food is abysmal and you really just shovel it down because you need the calories but here in the big town we are making up!

Guinea pig speciality!
We obviously eat the local food but have not knowingly chosen guinea pig of the menu! My favourite is still Ceviche. Once we saw some one dressed up in a guinea-pig suit to attract customers to the restaurant but I promise we gave that one a miss 

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  1. Take your time to relax en enjoy .cycling is an adventure and the best way to experience the country with it`s population no ned to cycle all the way enjoy above te suffer of cycling