Monday, 9 September 2013

05/09/2013 stage 21 Huaraz - Huascaran bushcamp

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05/09/2013 Stage 21 Huaraz – Bush camping Huascaran National Parc

It is half past four and we are lying in our tent enjoying the views of the snow capped Corderilla Blanca. But not for very much longer because we are at 4200 meters and it is already getting colder and we will have to zip up soon.
Malcolm trying to find some shade under his
 helmet while he waiting for me to catch up

 I'm dressed in long smartwool socks ( they already have holes in them so a bad buy) thermal leggings, trousers, woollen long sleeved top, another wind resistant top and I'm inside my sleeping bag. Today was roughly a 1200 meter climb most of it on beautiful surfaced road but the last 15 km were a bit of a bugger. Very rough gravel and 400 meters to climb. I had to walk some of it because I just didn't have enough strength. It was lovely though and not too challenging. We had the tent up by three o'clock and there's not a soul around for miles and miles, absolutely gorgeous. From our camp we could see the 'The Queens of the Andes' a 10 meter high plant (Puya Raimondi) which grows between 3200m and 4800meters. Flowers once and then dies.A very spectacular plant.) die gro

die groeit


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    1. In fact it wasn't really that cold and we slowly peeled layers off.I think it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever camped.

  2. Petra heeft me nog mooie sokken gebreid maar die liggen nog thuis voor 'best' Ik moet maar een niew paar kopen als ik de kans krijg want de hele grote teen ligt er uit